Big Fancy Dresses - Inspiration of the Day

Big Fancy Dresses….love them.  It’s kind of like an extension of the wedding dress obsession at the time in your life when you might be a bride.  You don’t really get that many chances to wear those dresses, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look.  Right?  And, true to form for me, those dresses I like tend to be on the couture designer side which means that they are pretty much unattainable and very costly.  But, a girl can dream.  Here are my current obsessions and why I like them:

The ruffles on the skirt are amazing and are enough to make this dress an obsession by itself.  And, then you notice the lining.  It is so unexpected yet so appropriate at the same time.  This is my top pick of inspiration for the day.  And, the shoes that are paired with it…fantastic!

There are two things that I love about this dress.  One is the lace on the back of the bodice with the added shimmer of jewels.  And, the bow.  I am a sucker for bows on dresses if they are done right.  Not the elementary school bow that was ever present when I was a kid, but a sophisticated “I know who I am” bow!

Two words…”polka dots”.  That’s all I have to say.  Oh, and the bow in red no less.

Loving the soft forms that the fabric makes on the skirt and the rouching on the top.  And, the color…so feminine.

Love the simplicity of this dress, but the swirls on the skirt that almost look like chenille.  Beautiful.

Love the color and the one shoulder bodice.  Beautiful and flattering.

Now snap out of it!  We are not princesses from some far off land, but one can dream.  Back to the laundry!


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