One Act of Kindness

Have you ever noticed how one act of kindness prompts another?

I have noticed this over the last few years. The best example is a simple one that I have personally witnessed several times. You are sitting at a stop light and there is someone in the middle of the intersection median with a sign asking for money. The sign may say “homeless”, “veteran needs help” or “family in need.”

Just this Thursday after dropping my husband off at the airport, I was at a stoplight and a man was holding a sign. His eyes met mine and I reached for my wallet. I had no cash and felt bad that I only had change. I wondered for a moment if he would even want it and then I realized how dumb that was. I dug into my wallet, rolled down the window and handed over the change.

I immediately looked into my rearview mirror to see if this one act of kindness would continue. And, wouldn’t you know…two people in their cars behind me did the same thing. We’re they going to give anyways? Maybe. Or, maybe not. Were they thinking about it, but didn’t want to be the first. Maybe. Or, maybe not. But, I have seen this repeat itself enough times that I believe that a single act of kindness before others inspires others to move in the same way.

I have often heard people say that you do not know how they will spend the money and that they might go use it for alcohol or drugs. Here is my philosophy…who am I to judge how they use the money I give them? If they need money so bad that they stand on a street corner in the hot sun, then they need it. I should not pass judgment or put a condition on my gift of kindness to them. You never really know the stories of another person’s life.

Be person to start with your act of kindness and see what happens!