Here are a few of the things that make me take a second look right now….

I am particularly intrigued by the look of the old and the new together; the modern and the aged look all at once.  I am finding that I can mix these two things in my house and in my life and get a pretty cool result.  I have added a few things here and there over the years, but am just now realizing that combing your tastes makes for a great style.  I am currently looking for some vintage letters for a spot in my house that is already picked.  Pictures will follow when I find the right mix.  Half of the fun is the hunt I think.

Vintage Letters

 See how cool this looks…I love it.  Lot’s of interest.

Red and white quilts.  I love them.  They are crisp and clean and you can’t miss the amazing workmanship that goes into these.  Last year in New York City at the Armory there was a quilt show of over 650 red and white pieces from one amazing
collection. The story of this show is here.

Here is a youtube video that tells more about the show:  Red & White Quilt Show.

I am still bummed that I missed it!

Source: themarthablog.com via Wendy on Pinterest


I am sure that this is no surprise, but I like the idea of a quilt anywhere.  And, there is a rich history in our country of the quilt barn.  In fact, there are trails that criss cross the United States in search of quilt barns.  Go here to American Quilt Barns to find out more.

Source: barnquiltinfo.com via Wendy on Pinterest


I wonder where I can paint a quilt block….without having a barn of course.

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 These vertical gardens are everywhere … and I love them.  They are so cleaver and really cool.  I also like the door wreathes made out of live succulents.  This is on my project list.  Here is a great “how to” … Vertical Succulent Garden.

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 It’s almost summer.  I got my first pedicure of the season.  Tory Burch.  Sandals.  Need I say anymore?

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One big moon…makes you realize that we are part of something way bigger than we know.

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 Still can’t get away from this color….love, love, love.

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Saying of the day…

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Now, that was a whole lot of fun.  Have a great day!!


Splash of Color - Orange & Aqua

I tend to gravitate towards saturated color palettes.  They are vibrant and full of life.  One of my favorites is turquoise/aqua and orange.  Rather than write about why they inspire me, let me show you….

Orange Love

Orange is rich and engaging to me. It seems welcoming and engaging.  The possibilities seem endless.  It is strong and never seems to back down.


Aqua / Turquoise seems energetic and full of possibility.  It is the color I think of when I think of the ocean off an island far away.  And, these two color mixed together are heaven.  :)

Really Like the Shades of These Colors Mixed w/ Grey Undertones

Great Looks Mixed with Some Accessories & Even a Splash of White

Back Painted Hutch...and the Chair...<3

Great Mixture of Texture & Color

Really Like the Feel These Colors Give Indoor Spaces - Elegant

You can find more of this intriguing color combination on my Orange & Aqua Pinterest Board.  The funny thing is that I can’t recall every making a quilt out of these colors.  Maybe this is next on my list!  Have a great week.