Current Obsessions

So, my current obsessions have everything to do with shape and form.  I am not sure whether it is a trend or if my eye just gravitates to these forms.  My first obsession is horizontal stripes…I love the look on the walls and for curtain panels.  It is even on my list of things to make for the house (more to come on that project).  For now…the source of my obsession:

Horizontal Window Panels

One would think that these curtain panels are easy to locate….not so much.  So, I will make my own.  For now, just some inspiration…

Going Horizontal

And, now for the second obsession…the quarterfoil.  According to wikipedia, “the quatrefoil enjoyed its peak popularity during the Gothic Revival and Renaissance, but can still be seen on countless churches and cathedrals today. It is most commonly found as tracery, mainly in Gothic architecture, where a quatrefoil can often be seen at the top of a Gothic arch, sometimes with stained glass on the interior.”

Quarterfoil in Architecture

I am not really sure when I started to notice this shape or from.  But, once you see it and know you like it…you tend to see it everywhere and in everything.  Maybe it is a trend or maybe it is just me.  I think it’s strong presence in architecture and the structured look of a flower is what intrigues me.  But, who really cares.  I just like it.

Quarterfoils Everywhere

My personal favorite right now, is the quarterfoil wallcovering in this pantry…this seems like the most unlikely place, but is really so lovely.  I might just have to do this.

Pantry Quarterfoil

Really…isn’t that great!

You can find all of these images on my pinterest board “for the Home” and the corresponding links.


Say Cheese

So, I decided that I need to learn how to take better photos. I have always liked to take photos, but never really took the time to understand all the details. And, you know me, I can’t really only do something “part way”. I need to understand how it works and what the best way is to do it. So, I have spent the better part of my day (besides target, dog baths and dry cleaners), perusing photography websites, blogs and the like. It is all a bit overwhelming I have to say, but I am always interested in learning something new. And, let’s face it…who wants to read a blog with crappy photos! So, now that my head is full of ISO, aperture and shutter speed…I thought I would share my experimental photos. Yes…these are experiments and not much more.

Clouds at Sunset

Practicing Focal Point & Focusing

Practicing Focal Point Again

Around the House

More From the Yard

Fun Angles - Baja !

In My Yard - A Bee (I was pushing my luck here - almost stung!)

Sweet Cali

Cute Cali


By the way….my dogs are sick of me taking their photographs. They look at me with the weirdest face as I lay on the floor in front of them taking their picture. I am sure there will be many more photos to come … the good news is that you don’t have to buy film anymore. Just erase the memory card and off you go. Did I just date myself? I believe so! The good news is that I have plenty to learn! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.