Finished Product (I am referring to the quilt…)

I had a productive weekend.  I finished up the red, white and black quilt that I started last weekend.  It turned out really great.  It’s a perfect size baby quilt.  Here are some photos:

For this quilt, I used some new techniques.  I would like to thank Red Pepper Quilts for the Binding Tutorial on her blog.  It is a great tutorial and I have started using a different (machine) binding method rather than the slower hand method.  I am still mastering the technique, but thank you!

When I said that I had a productive weekend…I was not joking.  I made it to yoga twice…thanks to CorePower…I am officially addicted even though I often look for escape routes during class.  Yoga really is one of the hardest that I have every tried.  I have run a marathon, finished a mini-triathalon and biked from SF to LA.  AND, yoga is still pretty challenging….not to mention the clear mind that I have afterward.  That “clear mind” is what you should be scared of!  :-)

In addition, I listed a few things for sale on my very own etsy page.  I thought I would try it and see what happens.  I personally love etsy and think that the items on there are so creative, unique and amazing.  I never thought I would be so brave to post myself.  So here goes:  Wendy’s Etsy Page

If next week is anything like last week, it will challenge everything I know and don’t know.  Here’s to keeping a positive attitude when all hell breaks loose!  The good news…it is FALL!  (Not like I can tell since it is 85 degrees outside…boooo)

Be Inspired




Well, the “Bloom” ensemble is complete.  It started with a sketch and an idea and “bloomed” into something more.  And, I couldn’t just stop at the quilt.  So, I added a string of flower pennants along with some custom baby burp cloths.  I was inspired by the fresh colors and thought it would be fun to pull it all together.  The background fabric is by Buggy Barn and the bright colorful fabric for all of the applique is by Sweetwater.  The designs are all original.

I was inspired by a swirly tree that I saw on line and decided to see if I could create a fantasy tree all myself.  The quilt is machine appliqued and machine quilted.  The machine quilting is all freehand as is the applique attachment.

The burp cloths were made with cloth diapers and then I added whatever I thought would look cute using the remaining fabric that I had.  For the pennant, I used 5×5 squares in white and then appliqued flower shapes on the squares using a blanket stitch.  I then connected all of the shapes with an twice folded and top stitched runner that connects everything.

Hand Sketch of Tree

Applique Layout

Sewing on Each Applique

Freehand Quilting with the Machine

Baby Burp Cloths


I still have some fabric left so I might make a few pillows to round out the set.  Of course, I am already thinking about what my next creation may be.

Be Inspired




I made some progress on the tree quilt on Saturday.  I managed to quilt the entire top with a small stippling pattern.  I didn’t intend to do this all in one setting, but it just happened.  I had Adele playing in my ears and I lost track of time (which is very hard to do for me).  The setting was just right…my sewing room was rife with the mess of creativity.  I make a huge mess when I am ‘being creative’ as if that is really a state of being.  My husband is used to it as it has been 10 years since the first annual Christmas baking extravaganza which I am sure left him surprised by the disaster that I was able to turn the kitchen into.  Here’s the latest progress made yesterday:

I have also created a few new pages on the site which include photos of my past projects and places of inspiration.  Check them out.

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