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For the ‘Joy’ of It

It might seem funny, but there are days that I am filled with so much anticipation for whatever is to come that I am worried I won’t have time in my life to experience all that I want to. But, I love that feeling. It is a validation that my life is full and spilling over the top. I like the anticipation. I realize that it is the experiences in my life that I enjoy the most; not the stuff that fills it. (Now don’t get me wrong…I still eye that new Kate Spade bag or the perfect shoe and often indulge.)

For example, I am looking forward to an amazing moment in the future when I get word that the project that so many have been working on for so long is officially ‘approved’. It is not the piece of paper, but the moment that I anticipate. It is the feeling that will overcome us, it is the collective joy of the team, the settled feeling in your heart.

It is the same reason I love to give gifts. It is about finding just the perfect gift and watching the person enjoy the gift. It is also the reason that I love to travel. I want to see how other people live, experience different things and to just be in another place physically and in my mind.

My list of things to do in this life is long and probably more than is possible, but the thought of that fills me up. It can also be overwhelming and remind you of all the things that you cannot or don’t do. But, I don’t let it take me there. I allow it to be my day dream whether it is a small corner bakery or a quaint quilt shop born out of my fantasy and all the people that inspire me daily.

Without knowing what brings you fulfillment and joy, you won’t notice it when it crosses your path. You will miss the moment without even knowing that it was supposed to be yours.

I realize that this blog is really a product of all of these things; it is enjoying the process of creating and the anciticpation of what comes next.

What fulfills you and brings you joy?


Before the baking commences…