The Little Things

It seems that I have spent the last few weeks on details.  And, it has been fun.  I suppose it is my effort of being in the moment; in the here and now.  The same place that I was even sure I knew how to get to a few weeks ago.  I have spent hours on just the right place for every single little thing in the house, the layout of each room, wandering the aisles of Target and I made it back to yoga.  Yoga…something that I started back in April and realized that it had incredible calming ability over my otherwise very busy brain.  I realized that I had to focus every bit of my energy in holding my pose that it wasn’t possible to focus on anything else.  And, the reality is that if my mind did wander, I knew it because I was about to fall on my head.

So, the house is pretty much put together.  I still have window coverings to wrap up and a bathroom to decorate.  I will show before and after photos then.  But, for now, the living room mantle with a roaring fire….don’t get to say that often in Southern California.

Loving this Mantle

It’s starting to feel warm and cozy and like a home.  The mantle has one of my favorite things….aboriginal art that we purchased on our trip to Australia that I had framed.  I actually have four pieces that are hung in the house.  The photo of the artist and a story about the art is on the back.  Love everything about it.

Side Table in Hall

Still a work in progress, but coming along.  This is the wide hallway to the bedrooms off of the living spaces.  The porcupine that you see on the table was another purchase made in Australia in 2006.  Love decorating the house with things that have good memories and experiences.

Last Room to Be Organized - Sewing Room

Ahhh…the sewing room in progress and more importantly the hammer.  What girl can decorate without a good hammer?!?!  This was after a near disaster when I put together the Ikea shelves that we bought for the closet and they almost didn’t finish.  I say almost because once my husband left the room to perform his detailed calculations, I discovered a way to maneuver the shelves into place.  Leave it to me…a little maneuver you can call it.  The sewing room is done with the exception of some new window panels that are on my list to make this upcoming weekend.  Can’t wait to share.


Besides the fact that my husband goes grocery shopping every week (with coupons no less) which is great in itself….he also buys me flowers during his trip often.  And, this time they were tulips.  My very favorite.  I just love the waxy stem and sturdy lines of the actual flower.  I really just can’t get enough of them.  And, in orange…what could be better?  I am currently obsessed with the color I realized.  It is even starting to show up in my closet.

Just Opening

So, while work is busy and stressful as ever, I am trying to stay focused on the little things that really do matter.  It sometimes challenging for me and half the battle is just to be mindful of the things that do matter.  Carry on…


The Simple Things…That Make Me Happy

On my way into work early yesterday morning, I found myself thinking about the really simple things that make me happy.  The reality is that we spend so much time focusing on what we need to improve upon, do differently, do a little bit more or better that we often don’t stop to just appreciate what is.  So, in that moment (one of the only times of the day that is quiet enough to think this way), I made a mental list of things that really make me happy.

  • Rain falling from the sky (not drizzle, but rain)
  • The smell of rain
  • The color orange
  • Pumpkins (thus the color orange maybe)
  • Fall - The Season
  • Fresh Sheets & Lots of Heavy Covers
  • Fresh Air and Open Windows
  • The smell of a new book (even though I don’t buy them much anymore because of my ipad)
  • The songs that bring you right back in the moment
  • A good hug when I walk in the front door
  • Anticipation and the butterflies that come with it
  • Accomplishment and how fleeting it is…that one moment in time before things move on
  • Challenge
  • Creating
Now, it’s really easy to make a list of those things that you “buy” that you think bring you happiness (shoes, handbags, etc), but I intentionally tried to stay away from those quick and easy fixes.  And, do they really bring you happiness anyways?  I think we would like to think so, but in the end probably not.
Off to create today…finish a few projects and start some new ones.  Photos coming later.
Happy Day