The Weekend That Was….

Busy busy in the Cohen household over the past few days.  The weekend was filled with the usual tasks as we get ready to move in the next few weeks…last weekend, we had the garage sale to get rid of the stuff that we no longer need, have grown out of or are still wondering why exactly we ever bought “that”.  This weekend was filled with removing everything off of the walls to find all the lovely surprises that lie behind….my husband’s favorite part.  We picked up the keys to our new place and I starting over thinking where every piece of furniture would go and would it fit right.  I actually like that part….it is a bit OCD I have to admit.  Mike has learned to deal with it I think (or he just ignores it).  It’s funny how when you plan a move, it seems like just the right time.  But, when it actually comes, you can’t believe all the other things that are going on at the same time (work trip for Mike to Las Vegas, work trip for Wendy to Nashville and a full plate for each of us when it comes to our “day jobs”.)  I have stopped thinking that this happens by chance and am just accepting that this is fun and how I actually like things….just a bit crazy and over the top.

The reality is that I can’t wait to move.  We are downsizing to a house that is just the right size for us and I can’t wait.  We have had a house (or two) that was much bigger than we needed and then I had to fill the house with a bunch of stuff that I didn’t really need.  Now, I get to have a house just the right size that has everything that I love.  It’s funny how it took me until this point in my life to realize that this is what I want and need.  Thank goodness….

So, here’s to the weekend that was….

Nothing like starting off with patching those holes….I like to paint :-)

The Usual Suspects - Spackle & Touch Up Paint (I am pretty good at this :-)

Starting to collect everything in special groups for packing or moving.  This is the part when you think in your head that everything will be completely organized and the move will go so easy.  It’s the part where you haven’t yet reached the junk drawer, the garage or even started packing the kitchen.

Starting to Pack

This is all the impossible to pack stuff….the stuff that will be shoved into the back of my car to wait until the moment that I can decorate again.

Favorite Stuff - All In One Place

All the laundry that I have been avoiding and putting off for weeks.  I cannot delay any longer  :-(

Laundry & Lots of It

And, I cannot forget my amazing and wonderful team at work….never too old for a Halloween treat.  For all the hard work they do, it’s the least I could do.  I know they would prefer my homemade cream cheese sugar cookies, but I don’t have it in me right now to bake from scratch!

Never Too Old for Halloween Treats

And, a sneak peak of the kitchen at the new house….waiting for the soon to come Christmas cookie bake-a-palooza!!

Sneak Peak of the New House

So, here’s to the weekend that was and the the week that will be…..tomorrow, my focus will be back here with the amazing team of creative and inspiring people that have put their blood, sweat and tears into this amazing building.  I am so proud of each and every one of the people that have worked on this building.  This is their handiwork.  If this is not inspirational, then nothing is.  I am honored to be part of this team.

Palomar Medical Center West.....

What will inspire you this week?


Pumpkin Love

I love pumpkins.  I am not sure why…maybe it’s because they come with the season and I love the season.  Or, maybe not.  I do like pumpkin pie and pumpkin cheesecake and pumpkin bars and pumpkin seeds.  Okay…never mind.  I LIKE LOVE PUMPKINS.  I like how different each one is and how imperfectly perfect they seem to be.  Depending on how they sat and how they were cared for depends on whether or not we pick them for our front door.  I like their color…the richness of the orange has me hooked.  I know there are white and yellow pumpkins…but I still like mine orange.  I am amazed by all of the pumpkin decorating ideas out there so I thought I would share: