Valentine’s Day Marshmallows & A “Little” Sewing (Kind of)

Sunday of last weekend was all about creating; creating with someone who wanted to spend ALL DAY making one thing after another.  ”After we finish this, do you think we could make something else.”  So sweet…my 6 year old niece.  What I didn’t expect was to become sick (and I mean really sick) that night with the 48 hour stomach flu.  I haven’t been that sick in over 15 years.  So, this post is a recap of last Sunday’s fun events (minus the sickness!).

First, we set out on making chocolate dipped marshmallows with a Valentine’s Day theme.  Yeah, I know…over 20 days away, but still fun to have a theme.  These are super simple and easy to do.  First, I would prep the work space if you are going to make this a kid project.  I taped wax paper / freezer paper to the counter (shiny side up) and pulled up the stool.  I would also use small bowls to set up the different sprinkles for dipping rather than sprinkling onto the chocolate.  Dipping is easier (and less messy) than shaking the sprinkles out of a container.


Supplies you will need:

  • Melting Chocolate - Assorted Colors
  • Candy Sticks (in the baking section of JoAnn‘s or Michaels)
  • Assorted Sprinkles
  • Large Marshmallows
  • Ribbon
  • Plastic Bags


  • Place a Candy Stick in Each Marshmallow and set them out ready to go.
  • Melt the chocolate
  • Start Dipping - Either dip just the end or swirl and get the entire thing.
  • Dip into whatever sprinkles you want.
  • Set the dipped marshmallows onto the wax paper (stick up) to dry.
  • The chocolate will set up and dry within 15 minutes.
  • At the end, I swirled the red and white chocolate together to make an interesting effect.





  • My niece had the best idea to use the cone shaped plastic pastry bags in my drawer to make small bouquets out of a few of the marshmallows together.
  • We placed them in the bag and wrapped a bow around them.
  • You could also do singles with a bow tied on them and give them as cute gifts to accompany a Valentine’s Day Card.


All ready for delivery….she wanted to stop at every neighbor’s house along the way home to drop off a little gift.  And, last but not least, we sewed her first project.  It was a small little bag that came ready to make with her new sewing machine.  The funny part was that her new sewing machine was a bit difficult to operate and so I had to break out the instructions.  At some point, she instructed to me that this was very boring and can’t we just sew.

Needless to say, we sewed her bag using both machines (hers and mine) and had a great time.  Here’s the final result:

I am now feeling much better and hoping to get a few hours of sewing in before the end of this day is over even though I should really clean the house, knock out the piles of laundry, do some work….


Pantry Door and a New Years Resolution?

So, this could prove to be a pretty boring post about some random New Years Resolution of which I am not particularly fond of advertising.  I tend to believe that if you advertise your new years resolution, it is a pretty good bet you aren’t going to follow through.  Let’s call this an excuse for a craft project.  One of the things that I don’t do well when I am focused (and sometimes consumed) with work is to cook regular dinners.  So, one of the things I spent my break doing is checking out different recipes on line and pinning them to my pinterest board for future use.  I have actually already made a few of them.  And, spent some time at the book store selecting the right combination of cook books for making healthy and quick meals.  The reality is that I like to make much more than I cook, but I have figured out that I can’t survive on the products I bake alone.  Wait…let’s take that back.  I can survive on the results of my baking; not so sure it would look good on me!

Back to the story…one of the things I have learned is that if I don’t plan ahead my meals, then I tend to go for the quick and easy out of the box when I get home rather than something more well balanced.  In order to better plan, I decided I needed some visual menu (reminder) of what is planned for each night.  There in lies the craft part….

I decided to make a menu board out of the door to my pantry.  Still up for debate whether I like it or not or whether I need to add more to the creation (a few cricut vinyl letters might do the trick).

First, I purchased the vinyl sheets from JoAnn‘s that are removable and can be repositioned.  Then, I figured out where I wanted them on the door and after several trials and errors, got the right fit.  I wouldn’t recommend my approach which is the “that looks about right” approach.  Rather, I would create a template and then cut the vinyl from the template before removing the backing.  It would really make it much easier.  But, I am stubborn and was eager to play with the vinyl.  And, I am not that good at reading directions (or so I am told).

It’s a simple list of supplies that you will need:

  • Adhesive Vinyl (photo below of brand that I used from Joann’s)
  • Scissors
  • Credit Card (not for a new purse either)
  • Measuring Tape
  • Template Paper or cardboard (if you desire)

Supplies Needed


Adhesive Vinyl That I Purchased

Things you should know:

  • This vinyl is super sticky.  Only remove the backing as you work your way down the surface you are applying to.  Do not remove all the backing and then try to adhere.  I promise you that you will make a mess and say things you don’t want to.  Trust me.
  • Reveal the top portion of the vinyl sticky back and smooth as you go down the surface removing the backing as you go.
  • Continue to smooth as you go…lift up to get out air bubbles if they don’t push out with the credit card.
  • Be patient.

Vinyl w/ Backing ... This is how it comes out of the package.

Sticky Mess - Proof that I didn't follow my own tips.

Vinyl Application Complete

Menu Board Complete

As I noted above, I think I might finish this off by using my new Cricut to cut the perfect vinyl letters to make this more permanent.  And, so far so good….three days and three home cooked meals.  Now, let’s see if we can keep this not so New Years resolution going.  :)



The Little Things

It seems that I have spent the last few weeks on details.  And, it has been fun.  I suppose it is my effort of being in the moment; in the here and now.  The same place that I was even sure I knew how to get to a few weeks ago.  I have spent hours on just the right place for every single little thing in the house, the layout of each room, wandering the aisles of Target and I made it back to yoga.  Yoga…something that I started back in April and realized that it had incredible calming ability over my otherwise very busy brain.  I realized that I had to focus every bit of my energy in holding my pose that it wasn’t possible to focus on anything else.  And, the reality is that if my mind did wander, I knew it because I was about to fall on my head.

So, the house is pretty much put together.  I still have window coverings to wrap up and a bathroom to decorate.  I will show before and after photos then.  But, for now, the living room mantle with a roaring fire….don’t get to say that often in Southern California.

Loving this Mantle

It’s starting to feel warm and cozy and like a home.  The mantle has one of my favorite things….aboriginal art that we purchased on our trip to Australia that I had framed.  I actually have four pieces that are hung in the house.  The photo of the artist and a story about the art is on the back.  Love everything about it.

Side Table in Hall

Still a work in progress, but coming along.  This is the wide hallway to the bedrooms off of the living spaces.  The porcupine that you see on the table was another purchase made in Australia in 2006.  Love decorating the house with things that have good memories and experiences.

Last Room to Be Organized - Sewing Room

Ahhh…the sewing room in progress and more importantly the hammer.  What girl can decorate without a good hammer?!?!  This was after a near disaster when I put together the Ikea shelves that we bought for the closet and they almost didn’t finish.  I say almost because once my husband left the room to perform his detailed calculations, I discovered a way to maneuver the shelves into place.  Leave it to me…a little maneuver you can call it.  The sewing room is done with the exception of some new window panels that are on my list to make this upcoming weekend.  Can’t wait to share.


Besides the fact that my husband goes grocery shopping every week (with coupons no less) which is great in itself….he also buys me flowers during his trip often.  And, this time they were tulips.  My very favorite.  I just love the waxy stem and sturdy lines of the actual flower.  I really just can’t get enough of them.  And, in orange…what could be better?  I am currently obsessed with the color I realized.  It is even starting to show up in my closet.

Just Opening

So, while work is busy and stressful as ever, I am trying to stay focused on the little things that really do matter.  It sometimes challenging for me and half the battle is just to be mindful of the things that do matter.  Carry on…