Loving the stark white blooming stephanotis….if only they last forever!


Jasmine Quilt All Finished!

I started this create spring quilt that was inspired by jasmine back in late April / early May.  You can see the first post on this quilt here.  I have been working on this quilt little by little on the weekends and really tried to take my time.  Well, it is now finished.  Yes, it is finished. I tried to take my time on every step of this quilt and as always, tried something new.

As a reminder, this is the fabric that I started with from Simplify by Camille Roskelley.

The pattern is from Fresh Vintage Sewing by Fig Tree Quilts.  

Quilt Pattern

One of the great parts about this quilt is that the blocks are very large and the quilt comes together fairly quickly for such a large quilt.  The one thing I might do differently next time is pick a slightly darker color for the inside of the star blocks.  I selected a light green dot on white background fabric which doesn’t show well unless you are in person.  This is the quilt top below before any borders were added or before Baja the yellow lab curled up in this chair!

This quilt has two borders; first a smaller framing border followed by a larger and wider border.  Check out an earlier post for my method of measuring and making your borders perfect.  You can see this post here.

Here is the finished quilt top.  This is when the next step begins of adding your batting and backing.  This was such a large quilt that I had to find just the right place to layer the batting and backing.  Here’s the link to the tutorial on how I create my quilt sandwiches…

Finished Quilt Top … Before Quilting

Here is the quilt in the midst of quilting.  I quilt my quilts on my Bernina machine which sometimes can take some muscle given the throat size of the machine and the need to navigate a large quilt through.  I quilted the entire quilt over a series of two days so that I didn’t wear out my shoulders.

Quilting the Top

I typically use a stippling pattern to quilt most of my quilts simply because it is what I am most comfortable with.  Over the last two years, I have branched out and tried some different patterns.  This time, I decided to quilt some designs that just seemed right for this quilt.

Quilting Close Up

Quilting Close Up

Here is the completed quilt with the binding added on.  You will see that I used several quilt methods throughout the quilt including using some special quilting in the blocks themselves as shown above, stippling on the border and a wavy pattern on on the corners near the appliqué.  The tutorial for my appliqué method is on a post a few weeks ago and you can see it here.

Jasmine Quilt All Finished

I used a scallop/stripe fabric for the binding in a green fabric which turned out really well.  I tend to love stripes for binding as they add just the right element to the edge of a quilt.  It’s like a good picture frame.

Close Up Applique Detail with Blanket Stitch

And, here is the finished quilt hanging in the fresh air.

Jasmine Quilt All Finished

This was a fun quilt to make.  I even added my own elements of appliqué to the quilt which were not included in the original pattern.  I was inspired by the blooming jasmine in my yard initially and my inspiration turned into this.  Take not of the inspiration in your everyday world….you will be surprised what you notice.

Jasmine Quilt All Finished

 If you are interested in purchasing this quilt, you can now buy it on etsy.   Check out my etsy store here. 


Blooming Jasmine Inspired Quilt

In the month of March, the jasmine in my backyard was in full bloom….remember?

I took this image and the amazing smell and selected some fabric that I thought would be just right to match the inspiration.  I loved this fabric by Bonnie and Camille….

It’s funny, I selected the fabric without a photo of the jasmine in hand.  When I got home, I realized that my mind doesn’t quite remember color as well as I thought.  My fabric selections were more on the peachy side and less on the violet or fuchsia side that it seems the jasmine actually appeared.  Lesson…take a photo with you.  This is where the old me would delete the post because my inspiration and the fabric color doesn’t match.  It’s the perfectionist in me…but, alas, does it really matter?  I was inspired, purchased fabric and created.  I did know that I wanted a quilt that was simple and did incorporate a white background which was the one color I did get accurate!  So, I dug through the books I already had and came up with this pattern from the Fig Tree Quilt Book.

The actual pattern I used.

I can’t remember the last time I did a quilt with blocks this big.  It was pretty fun and super easy to piece together.  You can see my handwriting in the book below.  I have the hardest time keeping straight the corresponding colors when I am creating a quilt that has a different color scheme than the one in the book or pattern.  So, to keep myself from messing it up, I have to write in the actual colors I am using.  Just me?

Here are some pics of the quilt in progress…all pieced in one day.

Piecing the top….the one thing about big blocks is that you really notice if your seams are not lined up.  Pin … pin…pin….it is the best thing to keep those seams lined up.

A close up of one of the blocks.

Here’s a pic of the quilt top finished….from two angles.

The fabric that appears to be yellow in the photos is actually a very light green dot fabric.  I have selected a brushed cotton large green and white dot for the back of the quilt.  I am hoping to put the quilt together later this week and start the quilting over the weekend.

So much for a quilt that actually looks like the jasmine photo or at least the colors…either way, it inspired me and got me sewing.  And, blogging about it on a week night.  I have considered adding some flower appliqué, but I am still not sure.  We shall see ….