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Blooming Jasmine Inspired Quilt

In the month of March, the jasmine in my backyard was in full bloom….remember?

I took this image and the amazing smell and selected some fabric that I thought would be just right to match the inspiration.  I loved this fabric by Bonnie and Camille….

It’s funny, I selected the fabric without a photo of the jasmine in hand.  When I got home, I realized that my mind doesn’t quite remember color as well as I thought.  My fabric selections were more on the peachy side and less on the violet or fuchsia side that it seems the jasmine actually appeared.  Lesson…take a photo with you.  This is where the old me would delete the post because my inspiration and the fabric color doesn’t match.  It’s the perfectionist in me…but, alas, does it really matter?  I was inspired, purchased fabric and created.  I did know that I wanted a quilt that was simple and did incorporate a white background which was the one color I did get accurate!  So, I dug through the books I already had and came up with this pattern from the Fig Tree Quilt Book.

The actual pattern I used.

I can’t remember the last time I did a quilt with blocks this big.  It was pretty fun and super easy to piece together.  You can see my handwriting in the book below.  I have the hardest time keeping straight the corresponding colors when I am creating a quilt that has a different color scheme than the one in the book or pattern.  So, to keep myself from messing it up, I have to write in the actual colors I am using.  Just me?

Here are some pics of the quilt in progress…all pieced in one day.

Piecing the top….the one thing about big blocks is that you really notice if your seams are not lined up.  Pin … pin…pin….it is the best thing to keep those seams lined up.

A close up of one of the blocks.

Here’s a pic of the quilt top finished….from two angles.

The fabric that appears to be yellow in the photos is actually a very light green dot fabric.  I have selected a brushed cotton large green and white dot for the back of the quilt.  I am hoping to put the quilt together later this week and start the quilting over the weekend.

So much for a quilt that actually looks like the jasmine photo or at least the colors…either way, it inspired me and got me sewing.  And, blogging about it on a week night.  I have considered adding some flower appliqué, but I am still not sure.  We shall see ….



Spring Quilt

I started this little quilt a few weeks ago from some fabrics that were already in my stash.  The main squares in the middle of the quilt were from a stack of fabrics from Camille Roskelley.  I love the combination of the red and the light turquoise which happens to be her signature color combination.  Then, I added some other fabrics along the way for the borders.  This quilt was not pencilled out or designed before I started sewing.  Rather, I just let the fabric selection and final design come to me as I stitched.  So, we pick up the quilt here:

Measuring for the Second 6" Border

I love adding borders to quilts.  I have tried all different styles and sizes and each quilt wants a different type of border.  You just have to pull different colors out and see how they work.  And, then play with sizes.  I ended up doing three borders on this quilt.  A 2″ border in white to frame the squares in the middle.  A 4″ turquoise border and then a 6″ border in the large pink floral.  The other thing that I paid attention to is the colors that were in the quilt that I wanted to highlight.  In this case, it was the pale turquoise and pink.  Also, you will notice the scale of the print on the two border fabrics is quite different; the turquoise with a smaller scale print and the pink with a larger scale print.  I didn’t particularly plan it, but I do know that you want to change up scales of print throughout your designs.  Too many large scale prints next to each other is often offensive to the eye and too many small scale prints makes it too busy.  Rely on your eye and play with combinations.

Pinning is the Key

My tips for making sure your borders fit correctly:

  • Measure your border size using the middle of your quilt and not the ends.  If your quilt is “wonky” and not perfectly square at the corners, this will help to straighten it up.  Measure from the middle, but the border and then attach to the end of the quilt.
  • Now, if the size is not exact, you will need to stretch or bunch up the border and then pin.  You want to spread out the excess or the lack of fabric across the entire edge.  Trust me - we all create “wonky” quilts at one point or another.  The border is the trick to fixing this.  Be patient and don’t get too pissed off.
  • Pinning is the key to making sure that your borders are affixed correctly and match up end to end.
  • DO NOT measure your border at the end and then free sew.  Your quilt will be worse off…trust me.  Been there…done that.

Close Up of Front Panel

When your front panel is all done, make sure you iron really good so that it is ready to be sandwiched with the batting you have selected and the back.  I like to create the backs to my quilts so that they have a little bit of personality.  When I first started quilting, I hated doing anything on the back because I just wanted to get the quilt finished.  Now, I like to take my time so that the front and the back are just as nice.  The product of a good pressing job is that the back of your panel looks like the photo below.  Well, kind of…there are still a few seems that need to be repressed.  By the way, I hate ironing my clothes….but, I do iron my quilts.

Back of the Front Panel - The Iron is Your Friend

Then, it is off to creating the quilt sandwich:  front, batting and the back.  I always use 3M 303 spray adhesive to create the quilt sandwich.  It is the quickest and easiest way to do this…I have tried all different ways and this is my preferred method.  Then, I quilt.  I use my own Bernina to quilt all of my quilts.  I drop the feed dogs and go for it.  The next few pics show some closeups of the quilting.  I just used the standard stipple (meandering) pattern.

Quilting Close Up


Quilting Close Up

And, here is the finished product.

She's All Done

Perfect Spring Quilt

Here’s a quick snapshot of the back of the quilt and my label….I wasn’t very good at labeling my quilts in the beginning.  Now, I label all of them.  You never know where they will end up (or where I will end up).

Back is Matching

This quilt is up for sale at my etsy store.  Check it out here>>>> Spring Quilt on Etsy

My next quilt is already rolling around in my head.  It has something to do with green pastures and cute sheep.  Stay Tuned!  Have a lovely day and do more of WHAT YOU LIKE!